The Beginning....

The Beginning....
When William Least Heat-Moon toured the country many years ago, his steed, if you will, was a van that he named Ghost Dancing. His journey of America was 13,000 miles. His book is Blue Highways, A Journey Into America. My steed will be a Subaru WRX. My travels will be, what in the past were called, the blue highways of Virginia. Years ago, maps showed secondary roads in blue. Yes, the ones less traveled.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sarah Palin Now Has Her Own TV Program......

Well, I just couldn't resist. Yes, we can now watch Palin on TV. Yes, she has her own show.

"Palin publicly announced her project Sunday.
In a video on her YouTube channel, she called it “a news channel that really is a lot more than news.” It will cover stories about her family, behind-the-scenes looks at events and “the issues that the mainstream media won’t talk about,” Palin said.
Palin expressed hope that the channel would be a “community,” where viewers could share their concerns directly with her. However, this community does come at a cost. The subscription rate is $9.95 a month or $99.95 a year."  (ABC News, July 28, 2014)
And, if you want to be part of her community, cough up a few bucks a month.

Frankly folks, this does not speak well of us. It would be interesting to interview a few of you who are subscribed to her channel. Yes, and interview a few of you who voted for her. Of course in some ways, she can be an inspiration, for if she can run for the next-to-the-highest office in our country....well, maybe there's hope for the rest of us who aspire to such things. Remember, when she was running for office, she repeatedly couldn't accurately say what is the job of the vice president.
Here's a link to her new TV program.
And, here's a link from The Young Turks with a little something about Palin.    

She could do a Timex watch commercial. Yes, she just keeps on ticking.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

No, I Didn't Go Looking for These...In Fact, A Little Reluctant to Post!

Another photo of the witch. No, this surely has nothing to do with
the content of this post. Just wanted a photo here.
So, how did this all start? Good question!

I was looking around on CNN and looked at a video by Jeanne Moos, one of my favorite folks on CNN.

Here's the link to that video. Yes, it's an article about guys who goof-up their diesel trucks so that they spew bunches of black smoke: Rollin' Coal!

Now for the real whopper, pun intended or not. Yes, on the same website as the trucks was another article, have you folks heard of stuffers? Well, I hadn't, either. We are becoming known as a country with a high percentage of our citizens who are obese. In fact, there was recently a study that claimed (rightly or wrongly) that smokers lived longer than people who are obese. Yes, there are folks out there, seemingly the majority being women who are trying to gain weight, yes, by stuffing themselves. I was going to post before and after photos of one of these ladies; however, if you would like to take a look here is the link. Also, they claim it has something to do with sex. I'll let you folks ponder that and try to figure it out. Hey, I guess I'm getting a little too old for some of this stuff.

Guys spending money to make their trucks get poor gas mileage and belch smoke and attractive slender young women stuffing themselves to the point that they look pregnant. Ahh, yes, bring back the sixties.......

First Snaps With My New Camera........

Have been wanting to get out and take a few snaps with my new camera....and, here they are.  This camera is designed for what I think is called the action sports folks; yes, those of you who ski, SCUBA, race, kayak, sky dive, and so on. It's primary purpose is to take videos though it's obviously able to take still shots.

This photo taken at Mount Trashmore, Virginia Beach, looks sort of normal. Regular tourist-type photo. Yes, regular old bland benign photo.

The photo to the right is the full-frame photo from which the above photo was cropped. The lens is advertised as having a 170-degree view, which of course we'd call a fish-eye lens. The curving of the lamp post is normal for this type of lens.

Full- frame, uncropped photo.  Seems to be fairly sharp considering the low-cost of the camera. Well, it's sharp enough for me.

Ahh, yes, a church. Yes, there is another story here, that I hope to cover in more detail
some time. The photo to the right is a statue of a witch. Yes, a witch. Well, at least the good church folks claimed she was a witch. It's a full-frame photo with no cropping. Though you can't see the hospital, this statue is on the property of Bayside Hospital, Virginia Beach.

Back to the camera. Based on just this brief outing, I have no buyer's remorse.

The camera is quick to set-up and you do have some control on exposure over/under. Yes, it's a fixed-focus lens. As I said, it's primarily used for videos. Nothing complicated, just snap away. The camera is so tiny that you have to be careful of having camera movement. It has an anti-shake feature that I had turned on.  For me, these snaps are fine and I have no complaints. For this type of camera, at a little less than one-hundred dollars, it seems like a real bargain. 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Well, My New Camera Will be Here in a Few Days! Now, What?

Yes, it's coming from Amazon. How did all of this start?

A few years ago, I almost bought a GoPro. Yes, those folks seem to have a lock on what's called action cameras. The GoPro and the camera I bought, the SJ4000, people use to photograph their action sports; diving, skiing, skateboarding, racing, and so on.

I guess the catalyst for this purchase is that the bottom-of-the line GoPro, the white model, is now $200. Yesterday, I had that camera, extra batteries, and a couple of other things in my cart. Yes, I was ready to buy the GoPro.

I then found out about the SJ4000 when I watched this comprehensive and detailed review. The SJ4000 is a spec under $100 and comes with a pile of extras; just about every mounting device you can think of. The only extra I bought was a couple of batteries.

Yes, yes, I know, I'm surely not an action sports kinda guy. So, how the heck am I going to use this camera? Good question.

One thing, well the main appeal, is the 170 degree view. Yes, a whopping-wide fish-eye view. Should be entertaining fooling around with the camera if for no other reason that the 170 view.

Yes, it takes still photos as well as videos. Will add some stuff as soon as I’m able to use it.

This is the waterproof case.  Mine will be black. They have quite an assortment of colors, including pink!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

You Folks Gotta Get One of These...Yes, it's an "HD" Radio....Honest, This is the Last on Radios.....

I bought this yesterday at Best Buy for $51.99.

As I best understand HD radio, the signals are cleaner without hiss. Also, there can be more than one channel on a frequency. So, your local PBS may be broadcasting three programs on their regular frequency. 

To my old ears the HD sounds much better. Yes, even on this what many would call an inexpensive radio. Actually, Amazon has this listed for about $90 (through another seller).

There are about 30 FM and one AM HD stations in my area. And, no, this radio only tunes to FM stations.

Take a look here for all of the information about HD radio.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Frankie and Tonya......or, The Reverend and the Arsonist.....Is There a Country and Western Song, Here?

Reverend, You Have a New Girlfriend….
“I do.”
“You’ve had bad luck. Several divorces and your last girlfriend ran around on you.”
“Yes, you’re right.”
“How is this lady any different?”
“Well, I know she’ll never run around on me. And, I pretty much know where she is 24/7.”
“That’s great. How so?”
“She’s in jail and charged with 63 arsons.”

Courtesy Virginian-Pilot
No, this isn’t funny in a ha-ha way; however, for some reason I couldn’t resist making this post. And, yes, the story above is exactly 55-words. This lady is charged with 60-plus felonies for setting fires on the Eastern Shore. Yes, just across the way from where I live in Virginia Beach.

Her then boyfriend has pleaded guilty and is awaiting sentencing. He testified against her today, though says he still loves her.

The new dude on the scene, if you will, is Reverend Dickerson.

Monday, a different man said he is Bundick’s current boyfriend. Testifying in her defense, the Rev. Frank Dickerson, of Withams, said she has a reputation for being “brutally honest,” and it is “not in her nature” to commit a crime.” (From the Virginian-Pilot, July 14, 2014)

Hey, I ain’t no lawyer, but why was he allowed to even testify? Because he’s a reverend? By the way, no search showed any church affiliation or any reference to him at all, except for his testimony in the trial.

Let’s see, dang, I’m a reverend. Hmmm……. I wonder?????   

Here are two newspaper links.  DelmarvaNow.Com and the Virginian-Pilot.

EDIT:  July 15, 2014. Tonya convicted. Sentence to be decided. Her reverend boyfriend, it seems, is a self-confessed former-drug addict.

Friday, July 11, 2014

This is Pretty-Darn Bizarre.......

Does this take the cake, or what?     

As I best understand it, two kids are dating. Yes, a 15YO girl and a 17YO boy. It seems the girl sent photos of herself  to him and the boy responded with a video of himself. The girl's mom called the police.

The police now have a warrant. Listen carefully. Yes, the police want to take the teen boy to a hospital, have him injected so that he'll have an erection, and film him so that they, the police, can match their video with the one that he sent his girl friend.

"The teen is facing two felony charges in juvenile court, manufacturing and distributing child pornography, which could lead not only to incarceration until he’s 21 but also to inclusion on the state sex offender registry, at a judge’s discretion, for the rest of his life."

This is wrong on so many accounts.... First off, the law makers may have been well-intentioned and I'm sure they had in mind legislation that would allow then to prosecute and convict sexual predators preying on young people. But, we hear too often of cases like this, where a couple of kids are being kids and a felony conviction is looming in their future. These laws need to be changed and make allowances for the kids (under 18) who get caught in this net. I would hope that all police departments have better things to do than spend countless hours trying convict a couple of teenagers for being, yes, teenagers. 

I'm sure the parents of young girls don't want them sending their nude snaps around, but that's the way it is. This is for the parents to deal with not the police. A crime to send a nude photo of yourself when you're a teenager sending it to another teenager!

When I was growing up many families didn't have phones much less every kid running around with these fancy photo-taking phones.

If you're interested, here's the article from the Virginian-Pilot.

EDIT:  Note, the paper is now reporting that the cops are no longer going to pursue the warrant. Yes, evidently the outcry was such that they decided to not got forward with the warrant. Now, if they'd just drop the case.

EDIT: 7/12/2014 11:50pm  I just added the Virginia seal. Yes, there's a breast exposed. Take a look here to see what our attorney general did in 2010.

EDIT: 7/13/2014 10:29am  Well, speaking of boobs.   

Yes, I have one of these (long story, for another time). It's a 1917 quarter.

"A Bare-Breasted Liberty Finally Meets Her Outraged Public:
On January 17 of 1917, the bare-breasted Standing Liberty Quarter finally entered circulation, and the outcry was immediate and loud. Religious leaders used words like "obscene" and "filthy" to describe the visage of our beautiful Miss Liberty with her breast exposed. Citizens' groups rallied their memberships to lobby Congress to have the disgusting coin recalled."
If you're interested, do a search for more information.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

To Add a Little Levity, A Benign Humorous Story That Actually Happened.....

Yes, this is from my trip to Lynnhaven Fish House...
Five or six years ago, I stayed at a motel in a small college town in West Virginia. In fact, the motel had hosted a meeting of world leaders, so it was far from a shabby stay-for-twenty-bucks a night place.

Anyway, went to the dining room for dinner. Just outside the doors to the dining room was a short counter. There were a couple of people behind the counter. As I best remember, the conversation went something like this...

The person who seemed to be the manager, said, 
“Hi, are you here for dinner?”


“Well, would you mind checking back with us later?”

I thought that was kind of odd. Anyway, I walked a few feet and looked in the dining room. Can't remember how many tables total, but there were at least six or so that were cleaned off and empty. So, I'm thinking, what in the heck is going on?

“Listen; there are several tables that are empty. I don't want to go back up stairs and then check with you later. If you all are, well...running a little behind or something that's fine. Just seat us, bring us some coffee, and then take your time.”

So, yes, we got a table. The waitress brought us coffee. The weird thing was they didn't seem to be backed-up or anything. In fact, the waitress promptly took our order and the food came out in a reasonable time. And, the food was fine; quite tasty, in fact.

As we walked by the counter after finishing our meal, the manager was still there.

“By the way, it's not important, but I thought I'd let you know I'm the food editor for the Baltimore Sun.”

Then I smiled. They looked at each other and...well...the manager I think was saying to himself, "Oh, $%&X."

An hour or so later, I went back down to the restaurant, held out my hand to the manager and as we shook hands, I said,"Hey, I was kidding, I'm not the food editor for The Sun."

He got a big grin on his face and seemed relieved. I guess there was a lesson to be learned. 

Note: Posted April 2013 on another of my blogs.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Today Is the Fourth of July. I Can Think of No Better Post Than This One.....

No, I surely don't wake up everyday and say, Gosh, it's good to be an American. In fact, I doubt many of us do.

However, something that happened a few days ago made me think about what it means to live in a country that allows its citizens to do just about anything they want, to have freedoms that in many parts of the world people do not have. In particular, I'm talking about freedom of speech.

A few days ago, a person who lives in a county far away, asked my permission to use stories from my book, Fifty-Five 55-Word Stories. The person is putting together a book of one-hundred short stories and obliviously, I was quite flattered that he chose six of mine.

Sadly, like many Americans, I know little about countries other than ours. Yes, I read the news and know about some of the horrible things that happen to citizens in other places who speak their minds. In fact, this person lives in a country where you can be killed, yes, murdered by the state, for saying the wrong things about gods.

Yes, religion again.

Can you even imagine getting up in the morning and having to watch what you say?

So, I'm going to try to keep in mind our right to freedom of speech. And, I'm hoping that if anyone is reading this, they too will get up and think, if only for a moment, that's it's great to live in a country where we can say what we want.

This posted on another of my blogs, a year or so ago…..

Guns, Guns, Guns, and Everyone's Packin' Heat.......

The is the XDS .45 model. Small enough to fit in my
front jeans' pocket without looking like a gun.
Recently Georgia passed a law that under some circumstances allows teachers and school staff to strap on guns.

I think the NRA mantra is; Only good guys with guns can stop bad guys with guns. Hmmm, yes, that’s something to hang on to.

Before talking about teachers packin’ heat…. Let me back up a little.

It seems just about everyone is strutting around with guns. Locally, there’s a new high-end, if that’s the appropriate word, shooting range geared to women. Yes, it’s a costly one. They are trying to get away from the old somewhat-dim ranges that catered to the guys wearing camos and aviator glasses.

We, yes, here in Virginia Beach made the national news last year. Why? How? Well, a young man who owns a pizza restaurant started giving a 10% discount for those who came to his place of business with a gun. Yes, the old open carry, rifle or pistol would qualify. Also, for those packin’ concealed just show your permit.

There was a video to go with one of his national interviews. Yep, there were a bunch of guys with huge guns strapped-on….of course, they had the mandatory and requisite camos and baseball-caps on backwards. It made me want to rush down and get my 10% off.

Now, this one is going to be hard to believe. Yes, a midwife giving a 20% discount if you’re, yes, packin’ heat….. Is there something in the water, here? The midwife lives just a few miles up the road.

Back to guns.

Like lots of guys I’ve always liked guns and have always had at least one. And, with that one I would go to a range every so often and fire off a box or two of bullets.

There came a time when I started buying guns; sort of like the radios I just bought (just joking).

But, I’d go years between visits to the range. I now have eight guns, from .22 to .45. I like the .45s as I find them a real challenge to fire accurately. The gun pictured here (XDS) I bought when they first came out. And, that was most likely two years ago. And, I have yet to fire it. Go figure.

Not sure when it came about, but all of a sudden I realized in Virginia it didn’t take much to get a permit to carry concealed (from here on I’ll just say permit). It used to be you had to have a darn-good reason and convince a judge. You know, folks who closed their businesses late at night and then made bank deposits. There had to be an actual reason. No longer.

What does it take now? Not much. In fact, basically nothing. Now, listen carefully, unless I’m completely wrong about this and I’m pretty sure I’m not, yes, in Virginia you can get a permit without ever firing a gun! The Commonwealth will allow you to buy the biggest gun you can find that has a huge bullet capacity and allow you to conceal it on your person.

George, that can’t be.

OK, there are two ways to get a permit in Virginia. One, show up with a DD-214 (this is the discharge paper that all veterans are given—tells about your time in the service) with an honorable discharge.

Or, provide evidence that you went through an approved training program. OK, here’s the good part. You can satisfy the training requirement by paying for an online training program and test. So, you can get the permit without ever showing or proving to someone that you can handle and fire a gun safely. Much less, prove that you’d be competent if you ever had to use the darn thing.

OK, I’ll be 75 next month. I was in the air force and discharged 1964. 1964! Now age 75! And, yes, I have a permit. Just went and filled out some forms saying I’ve never been convicted of a felony, never been committed to a psych hospital, and so on and a couple of weeks later my permit arrived.

So, do I pack heat? Nope, I’d actually feel kind of silly walking around with a gun. Then why did I get the permit?

I think the laws in Virginia allow you to have a gun in your car going to and from the range and maybe under some other circumstances. Actually, I thought that having a permit would eliminate all problems if I happened to have a gun in my car. I had made plans (yes, another project by the wayside) that would have me out and about on secondary roads late at night. Thought I wouldn't mind having a gun along. Hey, I’m 75! Too old to run and surely don’t want to fight.

The other part of getting the permit was to see if the Commonwealth would give a 75YO guy a permit without any kind of testing! And, yes, they did.

We need to do something to try to cut down on the mass shootings that happen with some regularity. Most, if not all of these shootings seem to have a common component. Mental illness! To cut down on these massacres we need to be more aware of our friends, neighbors, and relatives and when they start talking about using their guns or making threats we need to get them evaluated. The other part of this is of course having adequate services for the mentally ill.

Back to Georgia. The new law allows, under some circumstances, for teachers and staff to carry a gun. Folks, do we even need to discuss this? 

Well, I’m running out of steam in writing this, so here’s what I have to say.

I doubt if 1% of the folks with permits are competent to decide when to draw their weapon, and if they do, are skilled enough to hit their target.

All police officers have some training. And, just a casual perusal of news show that they make mistake after mistake. I think the Empire State Building shooting is a good example. I think this was a couple of years ago. As I best remember, a suspect had a gun. The officers fired and wounded nine, yes, nine, innocent bystanders.

Did you ever take flying lessons? You know, the 150s/172s? Punching holes in the clouds? And, I am sure that for some of us who then flew on huge commercial planes, we would daydream about the pilot becoming disabled, and the stewardess would yell out, Are there any pilots aboard? We need help!

And, then, yes, we’d swagger to the cockpit and yes, land the plane. Hmmm…. OK, never did have that daydream….did I?

Anyway, I think there’s a similar daydream to many of the folks with permits. Yes, they are going to save us all from the bad guys… Yeah, just give me the chance. And, folks, we don’t need those people roaming around with a gun. Period.

Why do I like guns. Hmmm….. Good question. It’s enjoyable at times to target shoot and try and improve your skills. The designs of guns are interesting. In fact, I have three 1911 pistols and reading about the designers and the history I find interesting.

This is the military issue 1911.

One of the best-known designers of guns was John Moses Browning  (BTW, he was a Mormon, for cryin’ out loud) and the 1911. The 1911 was the US services’ sidearm from 1911 until 1985. That was a heck of a run for a military sidearm. Though the military stopped using it, the gun continues to be a best seller. In the day of many folks clamoring for huge-capacity magazines, the standard 1911 holds seven rounds in the magazine as compared to 15 or so in many of the 9mm guns now manufactured. But, people still buy, shoot, and collect the 1911s.

Well, folks, that’s sort of my take on guns. If you must have one, please keep it secured, away from children, don’t mess with it when you’re having a drink or in a bad mood. And, especially lock it up with you and the little lady are having a knock-down-drag out.

You can’t unring a bell and you surely can’t call the bullet back or ask for a do over…..

And, for you guys out there. Hey, do you really need camos? And, wear those baseball caps the way they were designed. Yes, the brim goes in the front.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Well, I Can't Seem to Get Away From Radios....

If anyone happens to read this, I'll assume you most likely didn't have times as this photo depicts.

Yes, I remember sitting in the floor looking at the radio.

Obviously, I'm trying to remember back many years ago, and I'm sure my recollections are somewhat colored by the passage of time and whatever failings my memory may have.

My first radio, I'm almost positive came from Western Auto and according to what I just found on the Internet, the brand may have been Truetone. I just tried to find a Truetone radio that would be similar to the one I had, but no luck. However, this is close. 

Mine was a deep maroon and all metal. It may have been portable but I'm sure it worked on AC as I got I got shocked several times.

Also, remember grounding it to a radiator. Just searched the web and found mention of that. Not sure if it was for an antenna or a ground.

Back to radios and listening.

Each day when I came home from school, I'd tune in. Some programs I remember are Gang Busters, Captain Midnight, and of course, The Shadow.

Ahh, yes, then there was the secret decoder ring. I’m sure it was the Ovaltine Company that promoted them. Yep, send off a little money and get the special ring.

For some reason I think there were other rings, though I could be wrong. I remember one that had a compartment to hide a secret message and maybe even had a magnifying glass. Yes, those rings were magic. Well, to a seven or eight year old, they were. 

Cut the tether to your TV. Unshackle yourself from the mindlessness of The Tube.

Get your radios out folks and have a listen. Yes, sit back and relax and take it easy. Have a radio evening for a change. You'll feel better. Honest.

I just discovered this station. They play music from 1920-1950. OK, I’m an old guy and find it relaxing and entertaining. According to their website, you might be able to listen to them regardless of where you are. Yes, I admit, I know nothing about the streaming stuff. They are located in Chesapeake, Virginia and I can tune them in on my radio.

Give the radio a chance. If nothing more, tune into your local NPR and stop the aural and visual assault of your TV. It's painless, honest. Give it a try.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Please Read This...Speaking of Radios....Hey, Let's Convert Them to Spirit/Ghost Boxes.....The ADE-651 Should Shame Us All....There is no Excuse for the ADE-651....

PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS (I think knowing about the ADE-651 is important).  Thank you.

OK, I just finished a post on radios and the folks who listen to
 Coast-to-Coast AM. 

I think I mentioned that I purchased a few small radios over the last week. They were all analog, you know the old timey radios that have a scale showing the frequencies, and you twist the knob and then fine-tune for the best sound and reception.

There’s really nothing wrong with these types of radios. There's more to a good radio than the tuning mechanism. However, the digital radio shown here is easier to tune as the digital readout shows the stations. The small analog radios have such a short scale that the stations are sort of jammed up to each other.

So, over the past couple of days I've been researching small digital radios. Well, doing searches and such. Anyway, I will soon get to the good part. Before I do, I need to quote. 

Let's see, it's 2014. We've made so many advances in all areas... medicine, technology, science, there are truly almost miracles that doctors do every day. OK, have we as humans advanced the same? Nope, I don't think we have.

"A CBS News 2009 study showed that nearly half of Americans say they believe in ghosts, or that the dead can return in certain places and situations. That poll also revealed that 78 percent of Americans believe in life after death."

OK, where am I going here? (As a note, many years ago, I worked on radios and nav aids on airplanes. Does that mean I know some radio stuff today? Not really, though I do remember a little theory and can sort of understand a radio schematic.) Over the last several days I've run across articles that showed how to modify these small radios…I mean get into the guts of them and add stuff and change stuff…made my eyes glaze over. No way would I ever try that even though many, many years ago I would dig into the innards of extremely complicated radios. What they were doing was in essence hopping-up their radios to enhance the sound, selectivity, and so on. So, yes, I was aware that people modified these tiny radios.

OK, honest. This is the good part.

On YouTube I did a search for the above radio, the Sangean DT200V. And, what did I see, How to hack the DT200V. Thought I’d hit the jackpot or what-have-you. Hack means to change, ostensibly for the better. I thought wow, a video; maybe I’ll be able to understand this.

A young lady had a great easy-to-follow video for the hack. Yep, she took the radio apart, counted to the #4 pin and cut it off. Put the radio back together, turned it on, and hit a button and the digital display that shows the frequencies started spinning. It didn't stop…… didn't lock on to a frequency, it just spun. What the heck?

Folks, she’d just converted this well-reviewed radio into a Ghost or Spirit Box. Yes, it’s now supposed to be able to hear any spirits or ghosts who happen to be around………..


This from Amazon…yes, Amazon. You can buy Spirit Boxes ready to go. You don't even have to cut off pin #4. 

“The P-SB7 is a miniature sized Spirit Box the size of a iPhone 5 about - but thicker. The P-SB7 has been widely used in various paranormal TV Shows with remarkable results. Zack on Ghost Adventures was first with using it on TV and ususally (sic) just calls it the SB7.
Spirit/Ghost Finder

Product Features
·        P-SB7 FM - created with intent of hearing voices from the departed in real time
·        The P-SB7 utilizes a milli-second adjustable Forward or Reverse frequency "sweep" technique coupled with a proprietary high frequency synthetic noise or "white noise" distributed between frequency steps.
·        FM frequency sweep which includes an additional 119 new frequencies from 76MHz to 87.9MHz
·        Used with great success by professional paranormal researchers”

Do any of you folks remember the ADE-651? The bomb detector that didn't work, that governments spent millions of dollars on and that caused the deaths of soldiers who relied on the so-called detector?

As I best understand it, the idea came from what I assume was a gag gift, a golf ball finder. Yes, it was a dowsing device. A plastic box with an antenna. And, the box was empty. It was a joke! A gag!

Golf ball finder......
This is what Jim McCormick sold to no telling how many governments. I did a couple of YouTube segments on him and this so-called bomb detector. I’ll spare you my link.

So, here we have a young lady and many like her who are hacking radios so that they can detect ghosts and spirits. And, yes, many of us will laugh at her and her pals.

And, then we have governments who spent millions…and, yes, I mean millions of dollars on the ADE-651s which are in essence an empty plastic box with an antenna…yes, and they caused the deaths of soldiers.

To some extent, I can understand the young lady modifying her radio so that it will detect ghosts and spirits. But, how could we ever excuse the many governments who spent millions of dollars on an empty plastic box.

McCormick is now in a British prison. Can’t remember the sentence, though I’m thinking ten years. 

The so-called entertainment industry should be taken to task for all the bullshit programs about ghost hunters, psychics, and so on. Sadly, many of us think that if it's on TV or in print, Gosh, it's gotta be true. A perfect example is Montel Williams having Sylvia Browne on his program every week. Of course it helps if we want to believe. Folks, when trying decide if something is true, please, look for evidence. Yes, actual honest-to-gosh evidence. Not what the TV is saying or your neighbor. EVIDENCE. Remember, just because we can't explain something doesn't mean it's supernatural.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

AM DXing and the Crazies* Come Out Late at Night.........

OK, I borrowed this image......
Let's did this posting start?

OK, for some reason I became interested in AM DXing. The folks who are interested in DXing search around for stations on the AM dial looking to bring in stations from long distances. I guess the challenge is to listen to stations as far away as possible. Yep, these folks record the information. In addition to trying to find the furthest station, of course you'll be able to listen to other cultures and receive news from around the world.

Many folks who do this use cheap or low-cost radios. The challenge seems to be to listen to these stations using only the most basic equipment. 

Anyway, I recently bought a few of these radios. Tonight, for the first time I sought out some stations. Ironically, the first station that popped-up was a local station, WNIS 790. Wow, did it bring back memories.

Many, many years ago, most likely 8/10, I worked the 4pm to midnight shift. One night on the way home I listened to AM and happened across WNIS which was broadcasting Coast to Coast AM. Wow, is all I can say. OK, keep in mind I'm trying to remember from many years ago. There are several broadcasts that I'll never forget.

The first night there was a gentleman who called in and related the following. In the '60s there was a meeting of the star nations and all of the world's major powers; US, England, France, Russia, China, and so on. Yes, this meeting was in London. Why the meeting?

The star nations were concerned about being shot at. Yes, when they would visit in their space ships we were shooting at them.

Folks, as I often say, I ain't cool enough to make this stuff up.

Anyway, one of the representatives had the form of a praying mantis. Honest, folks, that's what the gentleman said. And, of course no one saw this representative getting out of the long limousine with tinted windows. OK, enough of this one.

Radio is only $10. Works great on 
AM/FM. Haven't tried the SW yet.

Moth-men....  Fellow called in and reported that one night he had been parked and a moth-man happened by. He sped off in his car and the mothman hovered over his car at 80 miles an hour. (Not sure of the correct spelling.)

Ah, yes, there was the Thunderbird night. Yes, a fellow called in and reported he sees them somewhat regularly when he fishes at a certain lake. Said they try to conceal themselves by standing upright, folding their wings at their sides, and remaining still. The caller said they look like trees.

This is a good one. The guest for the evening was a fellow who travels the country putting on energy healing workshops. A caller said he had attended one of his workshops. The caller then went on to say.... His small town, (I think somewhere in Michigan, Minnesota, or Wisconsin) had a large lake that was polluted. The town didn't have enough money to have the lake cleaned. No problem, evidently, as this fellow said he went to the lake and within a few seconds, yes, seconds, using the energy healing stuff, he cleaned-up the lake.

Ouija boards? anyone? Yes, another good one. This as I best remember was by the host, George Noory. Remember few details other than everyone, the listeners, were all going to get out their Ouija boards at the same time. As I said, remember few details, other than at the last minute, George said they weren't going to do it because the risks were too great. Hey, maybe the world would blow-up...heck, I don't know.

(It's 6/28/'14 4:26am, and yes, I'm listening to the station. Absolutely amazing.) Tonight they are calling in about their abductions and travels to other planets, and on and on.

The folks in the know say this is one of the
best cheap radios for DXing. 
Anyway, to wrap this up. I told a co-worker about this station and what the folks were talking about. She listened, and said, George, it's a one would believe that stuff.

Well, folks, sadly it's not a satire. Sadly, folks believe this stuff. Yes, I could go on and on and speculate why folks believe, but...I will leave that for another time. Hey, at least tune in for a few minutes.

These radios available from Amazon as well as other sellers.

EDIT: BTW, if you have an interest in DXing, here are a couple of sites with information.                 

Here's a link for a review of the Sony SRF-59. Yep, there's a consensus that this is one of the best cheap radios to start DXing....      

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* Well, I guess I could make the argument to not use the word, crazies. It sounds as though I'm making fun of. And actually, I'm not. But, I did use the word. Unless these folks reporting the stories that I mentioned above are just trying to fit in and are fabricating them, then it's reasonable to assume that they actually believe the stories they tell...they believe they happened. If that's the case, they are at least delusional. My quick definition of delusional is a false belief easily refuted by evidence or lack of evidence.