The Beginning....

The Beginning....
When William Least Heat-Moon toured the country many years ago, his steed, if you will, was a van that he named Ghost Dancing. His journey of America was 13,000 miles. His book is Blue Highways, A Journey Into America. My steed will be a Subaru WRX (traded for an XV Crosstrek). My travels will be, what in the past were called, the blue highways of Virginia. Years ago, maps showed secondary roads in blue. Yes, the ones less traveled.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Please Read this Post!!!!!

Sophie, RIP.... January 15, 2017
Well, it's the Fourth of July weekend and my neighbors were posting on our neighborhood forum about fireworks and their pet's behavior because of them. Several mentioned Thundershirt and one mentioned essential oils. 

Here was my response:

"Fireworks and pets...a few thoughts...
Just before the fireworks start. I sit my pets down and explain what fireworks are. I further explain that we have a few neighbors who are not considerate and must act out their juvenile behaviors. And, I truly hope they don't blow off a couple of fingers, blind themselves, or set their houses on fire. Now, if for whatever reason, the pups get nervous, yes, I then use essential oils. I start with a twelve-ounce tumbler. I add five ounces water, two drops essential oils, and then five ounces of bourbon. And, usually, the night goes well for the pups and me. If you feel the urge to rush off and buy a Tundershirt, please read this first. Remember folks, testimonials are not evidence. Magic remedies for pet anxiety and stress!!!! Take a look here. Hope we all have a great holiday weekend and that our pets remain calm. And, folks, be a little skeptical...."

Yes, I visited SkeptVet so I could find the links I wanted. Actually, I ended up spending a couple of hours there. And, I found this terrific article by Alison Averis. PLEASE, read this. It will give you a lot of insight into the so-called world of complementary, alternative, and integrative medicine. Please, you owe it to yourself!!!!

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  1. Great post.... The Boys have no need for Thunder Shirts. They watch fireworks from the glassed-in porch and see to love them.