The Beginning....

The Beginning....
When William Least Heat-Moon toured the country many years ago, his steed, if you will, was a van that he named Ghost Dancing. His journey of America was 13,000 miles. His book is Blue Highways, A Journey Into America. My steed will be a Subaru WRX (traded for an XV Crosstrek). My travels will be, what in the past were called, the blue highways of Virginia. Years ago, maps showed secondary roads in blue. Yes, the ones less traveled.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Biology Teacher, Down There In Atlanta...Creationism, Yes..... Evolution, No! Up Here in Norfolk, Students May Get Anointed! Religion Strikes Again!

Yes, religion again. Down there in Atlanta, biology teacher tells students evolution is the great evil. Evolution is Satan.

Up here in Norfolk (a few miles away), your kids' teacher might anoint them with oil.

There's nothing I can add...... Well, is there any hope for us!?

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  1. Wow, well it's hard for me to get too excited. Went to Catholic school until 6th grade by which point I was seeing a shrink twice a week. Screaming nightmares every night. My favorite part was, if you misbehaved, the nuns would make you kneel on a broomstick. Oh yea, that's what I'm talking about. A little BS creationism isn't squat! Put some Goddamn fear in to the little bastards.

    Just kidding ��